Suprabhatham – First Seva

What is Suprabhatham Seva?

Suprabatham seva is the first seva to be performed to Venketeswara God in Tirumala Tirupati temple for the particular day.

When is Suprabhatham Seva?

This ritual is performed at Sayana Mandapam inside sanctum sanctorum to wake up the Lord Venkateswara at 3:00 AM everyday.

How Suprabhatham Seva is performed?

Subrabhatam means woke up the God from Yoga Nidra. Subrabhatam Consists of 70 verses which were subdivided into 4 parts





1 Suprabhatam Morning Prayer waking up The Lord from His Yoga Nidra 29
2 Stotram Prayer praising and entreating The Lord for protection 11
3 Prapatti Prayer surrendering oneself to the Lord’s Lotus Feet 16
4 Mangalaasaasanam Prayer praising Him for His glory, auspiciousness, and craving for His benediction 14

Suprabhatham Divine Gifts:

During this worship, Navanitha Harathi is done to the Lord and a mixture of cow’s milk, butter and sugar is offered to Lord and given as prasadham to Devotees.

The Theertha that is stored in the vessels at night is distributed to the devotees. It is believed that Brahma and the other celestials worship the Lord Venkateswara at night and this Theertha belongs to that worship.



Tirumala Mantra

Mantra for Tirumala hill climbing:

Seven hills of Tirumala itself Sri Venkateswara Swaroopam. Seven peaks of Tirumala referred as Seshadhri, Neeladhri, Garudadhri, Anjanadhri, Vrushabhadhri, Narayanadhri and Venkatadhri.


Swarna (ah) chala! Mahapunya! Sarvade3va Nishevitha!

Brhamadha3yo (ah) pi yam de3vaaha   sevanthaa sradh3dha4yaa saha

Tham Bha4vantham aham padh3bh4yaam   aakrameyam   nago3thama!

Kshamaswa thada3ga4m   de3va dha3yayaa papachethasaaha

Thwan moordh3dh4ani krutha (ah) vaasham madha4vam darsayashva may


     The Holy Golden Mountain which gives huge goodness, which is prayed by all Devas, which is served by Brahma and devas with great devotion. But I am climbing you with my foot, so kindly relieve me from this sin and give me the darshan of Madhava.

The mantra is in Skandha Puranam. We have to recite this, when we step on to the Golden Hill, requesting the mountain to pardon us for daring to keep our feet on this holy hill.

Note: Devotees can also recite this mantra while going uphill through bus or car also.