Divya Darshan

Divya Darshan(Pedestrians via Alipiri and Srivari Mettu route):

Those pilgrims who were coming to Tirumala Tirupati by footpath via Alipiri and Srivari Mettu will be eligible for Divya Darshan.Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam offers free darshan including free accommodation and free locker facility for Divya Darshan Ticket Holders in Tirumala.

Free meals are also available at Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasada Bhavan or at PAC II.

Sarva Darshan(Free Darshan)

Sarva Darshan(Free Darshan):

Sarva Darshan is commonly called as Free Darshan Which meant for “Darshan For All”. Through Sarva Darshan, devotees can directly enter into the queue for Darshan. There is no need to buy any ticket/token. The Sarva Darshan Timings will vary based on the crowd.

Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam provides free tea, coffee, food to the peoples in the queue if they waited for the much longer time. The entry to the queue located at the Vaikuntum Queue Complex (VQC) – II, which was opposite to the TTD Museum in Tirumala Tirupati.

Types of Darshans in Tirumala Tirupati

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam provides various types of darshans to the devotees. Nearly 50,000 to 60,000 devotees visiting Tirumala every day. To avoid crowd congestion, various darshans help devotees to have peaceful darshan.

Following were different types of darshan offered by TTD,

  1. Sarva Darshan(Free Darshan).
  2. Divya Darshan(Pedestrians via Alipiri and Srivari Mettu route).
  3. Sudarshan Token Darshan.
  4. Seegra Darshan(Quick/Special Entry Darshan).
  5. VIP Break Darshan.
  6. Special Darshan for Senior Citizens.
  7. Special Darshan for Physically Challenged.
  8. Special Darshan for Parents with Infants below 1year.