Theertha Opening Dates 2018

Tirumala Tirupati is also known as “Theerthadri” because of the presence of 1008 Theertha (sacred springs) of which many of them are inaccessible. Thousand Sons of Daksha did severe penance at each Theertha. It is believed that Swami Pushkarini, Akasha Ganga, Papavinasanam or Papanasam, Pandu, Kumaradhara, Thumburu and Krishna are the most sacred among them.

Some of the Theertha were opened on special days for devotees to take holy bath. 2018th year opening dates were given below.


Opening Date



31 Jan 2018 Rama Krishna Theertha


1 Mar 2018

Kumaradhara Theertha

3. 31 Mar 2018

Tumburu Theertha

There are no entry fees for this Punya Theertha Yatra. Prasadam and water might be supplied by the TTD on these dates.

There is no prior enrollment for this holy yatra. One must carry valid photo ID proof at the time of reporting at Papavinasanam.

Opening Time: 5:00am – 7:00pm

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  1. Verynice and thank you so much for the info , i have been searching all over internet for these dates . I thank you from heart and please post further updates in site like chakra snanam dates and other theertha dates that can go for people like us .

    Thanking you once again

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