TTD Electronic Dip Process

Seva Electronic Dip Process

– Pilgrims have to register TTD with their Aadhaar Number (mandatory) as a proof.

– Only Aadhaar Number is for Indian Citizens and Passport for NRI Devotees to register DIP.

– Registering in TTD is difficult because the session will close in a stipulated time, so type the details as soon as possible.

– Modifications were not allowed once submitted. So check the details before submitting the form.

Sevas in Electronic Dip



Thomala Seva

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanam

Nijapada Darshanam

Vishesha pooja


– Devotees who were selected in DIP will be notified with sms/e-mail.

– Devotees who got sms/e-mail have to pay the amount of a selected seva with in time given.

– Pilgrims who avail the seva in DIP were not able to book the Electronic DIP for next 180 days.

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