Tirupati Balaji Darshan Tickets

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How to Dharshan in Tirumala

Tirupati Tirumala Yatra Kramam

Every Hindu Temple as unique darshan system is known as Yatra kramam.
The Yatra kramam for Tirumala was found in Venkatachala mahathmiyam.

Tirumala Yatra kramam verses in Venkatachala Mahathmiyam are as follows:

"Swami Pushkarini snanam Varaha vengata dharishanam Mahaprasadha shveegaaram thraiyam thrailoga thurlabam"

According to this verse,

One should take holy bath in Swami Pushkarini, if one has the offerings like tonsuring, they have to perform that first and take holy bath in pushkarini theertham. After that Devotees should dharshan Adi Varaha Swami in Pushkarini. Because this Tirumala is anciently known as AdiVaraha Kshetram, Varaha Avatar of Vishnu is Kshethradipathy here. Varaha

Varaha swamy protected Bhoomadevi by lifting her from the ocean, Varaha Swami with Bhooma Devi established here in Swami Pushkarini Theertham. For the sake of Devotees in Kali Yuga, Sree Balaji requested Varaha Swami to give place in thirumala to protect devotees. Lord Varaha accepted Lord Balaji for Pratyaksha. In return, Lord Balaji honoured Lord Varaha that, Devotees should do first aradhana, first nivedhana and first dharshan to Swami Varaha.

Yatra Kramam

  • Holy Bath in Swami Pushkarini Theertham
  • Varaha Swami Dharshan
  • Venkatachalapthy Dharshan (Mahaprasadam Sveegaram)

Following this Yatra Kramam, Devotees completes their Tirumala Yatra successfully with the Blessings of Lord Balaji.

Hence we are recommending the devotees to do seeghra darshan based on the traditional way.