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Tirupati Balaji Darshan Tickets

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Muslim Devotee in Tirumala Tirupati

Ashtadala Swarna Padma Pooja

The archaka commences the puja by offering dhupam (arthi stick) and dipam (lit the lamp) to the main deity. Then he recites the divine names (108) of the Lord Venkateswara. While uttering each name of the Lord, one golden lotus is offered at the holy feet of the lord. On completion of the archana to the Mula Virat, archana is offered to Goddesses Lakshmi and Padmavati. Later Ratha Harati is offered first, followed by ordinary Harati.

Story Behind Seva

Around 1982, A Muslim devotee, Sheik Mastan - a resident of Guntur district of the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh was walking up to Tirumala Temple, he went straight to Maha Dwaram (Main Entrance) of Tirumala Temple.
He placed an unusual request before the priests on duty in Temple.  The Priests shocked on hearing his request, guided him to higher officials of Tirumala Tirupati Devasanthams Board.

At that time, the higher officials were in a serious discussion concerning reaching to commemorate the Golden Jubilee year of its formation in an appropriate manner. However Officials still unable to come to a decision concerning what they have to try to decide about to make Golden Jubilee Year an unforgettable one.

During such crucial meeting, a workplace office attendee walked into the room and informed the Executive officer about Muslim devotee`s request seeking his imperative appointment.

The Executive Officer asked the attendee to permit Muslim devotee, In order that he will quickly ask him and send him in a couple of minutes while not wasting the meeting time.

Sheik Mastan entered the board room, greeted everybody and introduced himself as a small merchant from the Guntur district, for over many generations, my family members were great devotees of Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Every morning we have a tendency to recite Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam; additionally, we also recite Venkateswara Stotram, Srinivasa Prapatti and Mangala Sasanam without mistakes. On my own, I will even recite Srinivasa Gadyam completely.

He also added that we perform astotara sata nama puja (prayer consisting of 108 Divine names of Lord Venkateswara) in our home each Tuesday. Throughout this puja, we offer different sorts of flowers at the holy feet of Lord Venkateswara every time we recite one of his 108 names during this sacred puja.

However, sir, many decades before my paternal Grandfather had made a vow to himself that he would place 108 Golden Lotus Flowers at the holy Lotus feet of Lord Venkateswara.

Since our financial resources were not substantial enough those days to procure 108 Golden lotuses in one go, My Grandfather could only procure a few Golden lotuses in Lifetime. Later my Father procured a few more and finally I could finish the count with my earnings and procure all 108 Golden Lotus flowers. It was very difficult to procure all the flowers because each one of these flowers weighs about twenty three grams.

Now I request you all, with folded hands, to kindly accept these Golden Lotuses of our poor family to Lord Venkateswara and make use of them during astotara sata nama puja or during any other seva in the Temple.

Hearing this, Entire Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board members were surprised into a deep silence for a couple of minutes. After that, the Executive officer rushed towards Sheik Mastan, offering his sincere apologies to him for making him stand for such a longer period. Then made sheik mastan sit comfortably in a chair beside him. In a humble voice, the Executive officer said "Mastan guru, we are extremely delighted to have such a great devotee like you in the midst of us today. We haven`t seen one like you before.

We shall unconditionally accept the invaluable Golden flowers from you. But at this moment we cannot assure you that certainly use them during a seva. I promise you on behalf of TTD board that we shall all strive to do our best in fulfilling your family`s desire.

Later in 1984, Golden Jubilee Year, TTD introduced this new Seva called Ashtadala Swarna Padma Puja (Now It is Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana Seva) being performed at the holy Tirumala Temple every Tuesday. This became a Very popular arjitha seva.

Today 100`s of 1000`s of devotee book tickets year in advance for this Arjitha Seva.

The seva is conducted after the second bell.

During this special service, the arjita ticket holders are seated in the Antrala corridor i.e., Between the Kulasekhara padi and Bangaru Vakili.

Click here to look at the Video of this Seva aired in SVBC.